Hi, I’m Naim.

Overthinkers come to me to help them dissolve overthinking and channel their time and energy towards purposeful action and decisions that will make a meaningful impact in their lives whether it’s for their mind, career, business, relationships, health or finance.

Helping you to find clarity and inner peace is what I do best.

Working together, we will make sure you get exact clarity on what needs to be done and how so that you can make decisions that bring results instead of being paralysed by indecision and overthinking.

I’ll share the secrets with you on the strategy, what steps to take and show you exactly how you can live your life in control again.

How would your life change if you can transform your thoughts into results instead of seeing another year go by without achieving what you wanted?

It’s time that you stopped living with the stress and anxiety of overthinking and instead lead a life of purpose. I am here to show you exactly how you can transform and become the next version of yourself, where you can take part in the present and shape your future.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking in the outdoors, photography, observing wildlife, swimming, learning new skills and gaming.